Rockler’s Blue on D300

After a full year with the Silver Model, zincked parallel bars, in September, Rockler received a new model as the D300 BLUE – 38” Panel Clamp. This is a big change for Rockler’s client that will have the opportunity to get their favorite store color on the clamp, and also will get a better finish quality as the Powder Coated Paint, where the glue won’t stick.

Link to D300 BLUE at Rockler’s website


Get perfectly flat panels every time with the Damstom Panel Clamp. With its two straight, parallel bars adjusted to firmly sandwich the panel, you’ll completely eliminate the problem of glued panels that buckle and bow under pressure. This makes it an excellent solution for table tops, wide door panels and thick bench tops. Tool-free knobs allow you to adjust the parallel bars to clamp panels from 3/4” thick to a massive 4-1/2” thick. Plenty of clearance for the handle makes it easy to wind the clamp closed. Constructed from steel with a powder-coated blue finish and rugged Acme thread.

– Rockler

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